The Meadowridge Tennis Club Championships were held from Saturday 29 May until Finals on Saturday 19 June

What a fabulous event this was – we had over 60 entrants and even though due to Covid restrictions we were not allowed spectators the atmosphere and tennis were outstanding.

 Huge Thanks must go to Sean Reilly and Gavin Bell for their tireless efforts in arranging this event. We really do appreciate all you do for tennis at our club and your organization and willingness to accommodate rescheduling of matches must be commended.

We also extend a special thanks to our many sponsors who ensured that this year’s prizes were amazing:

Club Championship Sponsors 2021

  • Tim Armstrong School of Tennis   
  • Audrey and Don Hugo
  •  Nicky Healy   
  •  Jeanne Barry  
  •  Sean Reilly      
  •  The Watson Family
  •  Gillian Clegg
  •  Cathy Parker   
  •  Debbie Schutte
  •  Kunnie Fradley
  •  Andrew Kalis  
  •  Andrew Butters
  •  Eddie Raad
  •  Paul Vink
  •  Tim Brebner
  •  Zaan at Gary Rom Hairdressing
  •  Meadowridge Tennis Club



 Vets Ladies Doubles Champions

Glenda Nicholls and Kunnie Fradley

Mixed Doubles Champions

Jess Schilz and Gavin Bell


 Ladies Doubles Champions

Jess Schilz and Catherine Lacey

 Mens Doubles Champions

Jared Godfrey and Des Agliotti

 Singles Champions

Jess Schilz and Jared Godfrey


Mens Masters Champions

Mervin Watson and Des Agliotti

This Photograph was taken after they won their match.

Sadly Mervin passed away suddenly the next week.

May his soul rest in peace.

Forever in our hearts and thoughts.

We are looking forward to the 2022 Championships and trust you are too.

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