MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – April 2023 to March 2024

Full Member R 2 340 No time restrictions and available for possible league selection
Family Members ** Family Discount Normal member rates apply with discounts for each family member added
Parent Member R 880 Play with Junior Member at restricted and off peak times
Junior Member R 870 Non-Coaching, under the age of 18 years and restricted to out of peak hours *
Student Member R 870 Full-Time tertiary education.
Weekday/Social Member R 1 660 Restricted to out of peak hours *
Country/Temp Member R 920 A Full Member residing outside magisterial district of CT and plays 3 months of the year

** Family Membership is offered to all families who have two or more family members all living under the same roof.  There is no limit on the number of individuals per family.  However, the maximum “Family Discount” is capped at 30%.

  • 2 family members joining – 10%
  • 3 family members joining – 20%
  • 4 or more family members joining – 30%

Out of/off peak hours: Outside league times, week days, Saturday mornings and Sundays.